Customisable Available Products List / Low product alerts

For a various reasons we have a fair amount of products setup on breww. This makes it difficult to monitor stock level of certain key lines that need monitoring due to volume of sales. They get burried amongst all the other products.

Therefore what Im looking for is a system too alert to low stock for the production team. Rather than the current system which is setup for stock levels for the sales team.

It would be lovely to have a customisable version of the “available products” page that showed available volumes of a customisable selection of products. (and it would be great if this also showed when the available stock level of these key products was zero (rather than then hiding them ) - flagging that we need some urgently)

An alternative (or additional) feature would be something like the current low inventory email alert, but that would alert when stock levels of certain products falls below a certain user definable base stock level. Flagging that we need to then brew that product line.

It would be even cleverer if that alert could take into account historic sales volumes, basically saying - “hey up - in 3 weeks you’re gonna run out of “SUPER HOPPY, HAZY IPA”. best brew some more ASAP!”

Thanks for listening to my ramblings!


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Thanks for putting this forward, Ben. This is a great suggestion :+1:

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