Packaging approval stages

Is there a way to add stages to the packaging approval form similar to a brewday recipe sheet, so that rather than being a lost list of data entry point it can be seperated into sections eg product specs, off flavours, style impressions etc. And an option for notes sections after each of these.

A further useful addition would be the ability to pull through information such as total tank time and time until crash.


Hi Fred,

Welcome to the community!

Definitely, I think the stages / tabs would be a really neat improvement to the packaging approval functionality - and adding notes functionality in there is straightforward.

Total tank time would also not be a problem, but time until crash might be a bit trickier as Breww would need some way of knowing when the crash occurred. Potentially Breww could calculate it by looking at fermentation readings and identifying when the “Vessel set temperature” went down drastically! Either way let us know and we can look to find nice solution here!


Hi Max,

thats great. Yeah that would work, were really looking at tracking how long our beers take to pass VDK testing after Dry hoping and are therefore ready to crash. The method you suggested sounds like it would work, the other thought was that once connected to tank net, it could track changes made via that.

Regarding the Calculations, we like to calculate attenuation % over yeast generations and total DO pick up during transfer so just the ability to tag certain fileds and build simple calculations from them would be great.

Thanks very much!