Describe how a beer should be packaged, e.g. Black cans, white boxes

Any way to add more specific fields for packaging approval? It seems we can only add some calculated fields and YES/NO input.

For example, Cans Size, Tops Colour, PackTeck (6 Pack, 4 Pack, Colours) Box size etc.

This way we can set up specific canning requirements for each beer our packing team will know exactly what’s required on packing day.

Eg: Contract Lager - 330ml Cans, 24pack Box, Black 6Packs, 2.67 vol CO2,

Hi Evan,

Thanks for posting! This is an excellent question, and there are a few points to this.

The purpose of the packaging approval function is to allow a quality control process to be implemented in Breww. This could be anything from an ABV reading range, colour, PH, or CO2. It could be a Yes/No or Good, Average, or Poor rating for a field of your own making for quality or sensory purposes, and you can also enter numeric readings with a target and record the actual result. Generally speaking, the packaging approvals function is a series of the same checks you would apply to all batches of a given beer, so it would not necessarily suit your request.

With the above being said, I do think you can achieve what you want to do in Breww, just with a couple of different areas. The first thing, I suppose, would be to cover working out what the team needs on packaging day. My suggestion here would be to make use of planned packaging in Breww. When planning or reviewing a batch after set-up, you will see an option to add planned packaging. This will tell the packaging team precisely what they should be preparing for. This might be that for Batch Number 20, you are planning to rack 20 x 24 330ml cans, 10 Firkins, and five pins of Beer A.

This tells the production team what to anticipate packaging on the day, but you can make this even more detailed by adding component stock items to your containers or products. I will give two examples of where you might use each.

  • You may add component stock items to the container for a 330ml can to prompt Breww that each time I rack into a 330ml can, Breww should assign: 1 Can Lid and 1 Can.
  • You may also choose to add component stock items to a product, such as a 12-pack of 330ml cans of “Beer A”, to tell Breww that each time I assemble a 12-pack of this product to assign 1 x 12-pack case

If you were to apply both of these above, then Breww would know that for each racking of a 12-pack of 330 cans of “Beer A”, it needs to allocate: 12 can lids, 12 cans, and 1 case for a 12-pack.

As your production team process rackings, they will be prompted as to which inventory items will be consumed and know exactly what components they need per container and product.

I hope all that makes sense, but let us know if you need any support. It may also be worth checking out this community feature request and the responses detailing the packaging approvals fields a little more, Sensory tracking & quality control (QC) records post packaging when batch is complete - #4 by luke.

I guess where this gets complicated is where I have different colour packaging for different beers.

eg: We have 3x colour lids, 4x SKU’s of packteks (6 & 4 White / 6 & 4 Black) and then boxes.

Some of our clients will source their own cans/lids etc whilst some we source for them. I guess what would be great, is to have a specific little checklist that the packaging team can look at quickly to determine how to package.

Beer A - Black lids, White Boxes 16, Black 4 PackTeck - 2.62 Vol Co2
Beer B - Silver lids, White Boxes 24, White 6 PackTeck - 2.54 vol Co2

Some of the packaging may be supplied by the customer themselves, and some may be supplied by us and this changes week to week and never really consistent (except for the actual cans) depending on availability. It would be great to have a really simple checklist the package team can simply see what this beer will look like packaged which would be part of the packaging approval section.

Any chance of adding a checkbox option with customizable options?

I’m sure this could be possible, but I must admit that this is a big change as this would vary per batch, and otherwise, packaging approvals do not vary per batch, so this is much more complicated than it probably sounds at first. Please do put this forward as a feature request, so we can gauge support for this and track it through to implementation :+1:

Would there be a way to set these requirements up when building a beer?

Same as building a recipe, you would also choose how it’s packaged etc?

I’ve moved this over to its own post so we can track this request through to implementation.
For now, could you use the Yes/No option on the packaging approvals? You could set one up for ‘Black cans’, for example, then the user would have to tick ‘Yes’ to confirm they’ve used black cans.

This is ok until you have three options.

eg: Black/Silver/Gold lids

6pack White/6pack Black/4pack White/4pack Black

Is it possible to get a little checkbox and we can add as many as we require instead of binary YES/NO?

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