Auto Filled Details in Packaging Approval

There are a couple of things in Packaging Approval that we are curious about.

Would it not make more sense if Packaging Approval pulled all of the latest Fermentation Readings data, not just some? Is this a criteria which can be selected, like most recent reading if within 24hrs or something like that? Eg. colour is not currently being drawn from latest FR data and requests a manual input, which is a potential source for mistake and causes a delay as technician has to source information from fermentation readings and then transcribe.

Also, in Packaging Approval, when given OG and FG, Breww calculates ABV differently to our Anton Paar Alcolyser (which we continue to use and trust). It is unclear what is the precise discrepancy. Can Breww share their formula? Or can we edit it to match our Anton Paar’s?

This can cause an issue during audits, as the Breww record will not match the readings from the instrument.


Thanks for the suggestion. I completely agree; if more of your existing data could full through to packaging approvals, that would be even better.

Together with the rest of our community, if we can compile a list of different data points that you’d like brought through in this feature request thread, that would be great. Sadly, there’s no way to just automatically pull everything through, so we’ll need to know what you’d like and we can build out each one.

If anyone else is looking for this, please vote for this thread.

I can also answer your other questions (in the future, it’s better to keep questions separate from feature requests, where possible, to avoid the thread becoming confused between a help request and the feature request, which hopefully others will also want to vote for) :smile:

Yes, we use HMRC’s formula, which can be found in section 30.2 of the Beer duty excise notice 226.

Absolutely - you can type in your own ABV on any batch. Simply go to the batch in question and use the ActionsEdit batch details button, then choose Custom-specified ABV and enter the ABV that you’ve measured with your Anton Paar equipment :+1:


Hi, I’ve attached an image of an example of when the calculated ABV and the ABV reading from our instruments differ significantly. The calculated ABV gives the impression that the ABV is outside of legal spec, but the ABV from our instrument tells us that it is within spec.

Additionally, when choosing a custom ABV, we don’t want to change the ABV used for duty. We would like the custom ABV for our packaging approval etc rather than the autocalculated ABV on Breww. Cheers :slight_smile:

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We’ve added a new option for the Batch ABV packaging approval type, which should solve the ABV part of this thread for you :tada:

If you go into each packaging approval template (from each beer), you can edit the “Batch ABV” row and choose from a new option to have it use the ABV that you’ve manually entered on the batch (rather than the value calculated from fermentation readings).

When a batch’s packaging approval is loaded for the first time, it snapshots the template (so future template edits don’t rewrite batch history), but this will mean that there will be a transition period to the new template as some batches will probably have already made their snapshot. I hope that makes sense.

We’ll keep this feature request thread open for other general improvements to the auto-fillable fields in packaging approvals.