Non-UK duty tool improvements

Hi all,

I was wondering what the status is of the improvements on the non-uk duty tool. Currently it works for export/duty free pricing - but not for our duty admin.

There has been talk about this on and off. The minimum I need for it to work is to have an overview reflecting liters related to beers in a specifc period - as we need to register this every month.

Currently I have to rely on a report of liters sold report, but that runs into complexities when mistakes are made in the sales orders and/or beers are returned to the brewery - as we have to remember to subtract these from the totals.

Hope to hear.

(technically I need to relate liters left duty suspense to degrees plato, but beers works fine)

I must admit some of the progress on this has stalled and we’d have hoped to be further through this by now. We have every intention of getting back to this project soon. All the feedback is appreciated and when we get back to working on this, we’ll look to incorporate all your suggestions :+1:

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For better supporting all forms of non-UK-beer-duty, including both non-UK and UK-but-not-beer, please put all votes on the Expansion customisable Duty tool thread instead.

I’m closing this in favour of that thread so that we can ensure all conversations & votes are in the same place.