Expansion customisable Duty tool

Hi all,

I have been talking about this in tickets, but thought to post it here.

It seems the implementation of the “international” duty tool has stagnated a bit? Was curious where you are at.

We still would love to use it as we currently have a slightly complex and error-prone admin to monitor our duty that is based on our monthly sales, but requires us to separate log faulty sales orders, returns and ullages.

Our system is liter and plato based, So we would need at the very least an overview of liters per beer and/or plato every month for which duty needs to be paid

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Thanks, it’s good to have this here on the community.

You’re right, it has stagnated a bit, but we are committed to improving it further.

I know it probably seems like a simple thing, but it will probably surprise you to hear that it was extremely complicated and time-consuming to get the product volume (in Litres) into an easily accessible place for reporting, but that’s now done, so this is a good stepping stone forward for the non-UK duty reporting tools too. This does also mean that you can easily get this in the Raw Data Explorer too, which I hope is helpful until we have made further improvements here.

We will certainly have further improvements to announce on this before too long :+1:

Hi luke,

thanks, but we were already able to distill the liters without this added feature (although worthwhile) - so not sure how this helps us further than we are at at the moment - feel free to point me to what I am missing.