Beer Duty Calculator Page

Hi All

As we all know the new Beer Duty for small business will now be calculated on volume and ABV which I guess is the government subtly trying to reduce the sale of stronger beer.

With this change looming in August we are not only trying to understand if our duty will change in comparison to the current environment but also think about the volume and ABV mix and its affect on duty going forward?

With the above in mind we wondered if any other brewers thought it might be useful to have a Duty calculator page on the dashboard or elsewhere that would show you the duty you will pay by beer for the year and also allow your to play with what you might brew in volume and ABV in the future and see the impact on duty.

This might take the form of key input cells asking for volume and abv and then a graphic display showing the duty by beer and in total.

Hope its not a daft idea and loo forward to your feedback?



Sounds like you are heading toward a similar model to excise tax in Australia.

I believe the guys are working on something for us (hope so anyway!). Unsure where they are at with it? The competition has single-click reporting for reference. Just saying! :wink:


Hi Nick - this isn’t the exact report you are looking for (although I like the idea!), but we have recently launched a new report in Beer duty → Duty rate change difference by product, that will show you the duty you pay per product at the moment compared to what you will pay under the new duty regime. It seemed related to the report you were looking for, so I wanted to raise it in case it was helpful!