New Customer Reporting

I’m trying to build a report that includes a field for % Revenue by New Accounts as a way to compare relative successes of new account generation and growth of existing accounts.

Does anyone have any bright ideas how that might be done?

Maybe a way of reporting on leads that have become customers and then placed their first order?

Any help appreciated!



That sounds like an interesting report!
One possibility to build this report would be to start with the Sales (orders/invoices) Raw data explorer report, and add a field for CustomerCreated at. Add any BrewwQL filters you might want, like orders from this year, for example (issue_date >= “01/01/2022”).
Then you’ll need to export the data to Excel. In Excel, you could then simply group the data by this ‘created at’ date (grouping every month, two months, or whatever you need) and sum by order value. This would give you the total order value for customers created within each time frame, which you could then compare to the sum of all the order values.

NOTE: due to the way in which customers and leads are created behind the scenes, if a lead is converted to a customer, then Customercreated at date will be the date that the lead was created, not when it was converted.

I hope this helps!