Customer Leakage report

Hi, a previous Brewery OS we used had a ‘customer leakage’ report.

It was great as you could look over the last 5 months, and it would show the order value per customer per month. It made it very clear if someone was ordering monthly, then had dropped off in the last two months, or if someone ordered every two months but again hadn’t placed an order as expected.

It also showed what % of that month’s total revenue the customer had provided, making the prioritising of sales calls easier.

It basically gave the sales team a to-do list, starting from the top, to contact customers who would normally have ordered, in order of how much they used to contribute to total sales.

I can’t see anything like this already pre-built, however there might be some way to get to it via a few Breww queries, but the visual on this report would be great.


Thanks for the great suggestion, Alex.

We’ve pushed a small tweak to our Aggregate Report Builder tool to make it a little easier to get to this information. I’ll also leave this request open as I think we could do even better with a pre-built report dedicated to this.

In the meantime, using the new tweak, you can start a Sales (orders/invoices) report, choose your time frame, leave “First metric” on its default choice of “Total value” and from the “First metric extra grouping” option choose the new “Customer” option.

Once the report has loaded, you can view the data in table form (instead of chart form) with the tab at the top (this probably works better in a table), or even export it to Excel to manipulate further with sorting, etc.

I hope this proves useful and we’ll look to add a pre-built report to handle this even better in the future. If anyone else would benefit from this, please give this a vote using the button in the top-left :+1: