Murphy and Son website integration

Would it be possible to have an integration with the Murphy and Son website. They have quite a good site which has not only stock levels and prices, but you can also order through there, as well as having all the batch numbers for products and the ability to download certificates of analysis for all the products. All of which would be amazing if it could happen automatically, cutting down on human error.

Hi Kier,

Thanks for the request, we’d love to be able to integrate with brewery suppliers. This is something on our more longer-term road map. If anyone has any feedback on this, or how they’d like it to work, please comment your ideas below!


In a similar vein, homebrew software like Beersmith often has hop and malt packs that you can download. It would certainly be easier to add, for example, a Weyermann malt pack vs putting in every. single. malt. manually.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the suggestion, if we are able to integrate with a supplier’s website we can definitely look to add a “Download” stock item feature that uses that information to create a stock item automatically for you. If you have any other ideas, please do let us know!