Taproom Stock Management

Hi, Have you got a solution for managing stock in an onsite taproom / shop with a POS system? Small pack stock could be synced easy enough if we used Shopify POS, but how about draught products, is there a way to sync those back to Breww? We’ve looked at the Zettle Food and Drink POS, which would work for the taproom, is there a way to make that sync back to Breww?

Hi Joe,

We don’t currently have anything specific, although we do have customers who use the Shopify POS currently and have it integrated with Breww successfully. We’ve also been mulling over a few different solutions on our side that we are considering implementing soon.

An integration with iZettle or Square would be pretty simple to implement for small pack sales, but as you’ve mentioned the tricky part is draught stock - we’re not 100% sure what the ideal way to integrate it into Breww is or what is even desirable for users there! So any thoughts would be really helpful in working out a great solution here.

We’ve also been thinking about implementing a “Quick order entry” mode, which would allow users to turn Breww into a POS-like mode where you would simply add items with a single click, optionally add a customer, and then marking it as complete would also create and complete the delivery (collection) for it behind the scenes.

So we’re open to approaching it in the way our breweries would like really! Although as I mentioned the Shopify POS integration already works smoothly when draught products aren’t needed, and iZettle / Square would also be very easy to add if we don’t add draught product support initially.


Hi Max.
How about if there was an ability to have a ‘virtual cellar’ as an additional stock site, which we could move keg or cask stock to and be able to be broken down into the litreage of beer, which will link to Zettle POS. And then sync up the different serving measures into volume to the right beer in cask or keg so that it will track the beer sold, and would then also track wastage and stock levels in the cellar.
Would this be possible?

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Hi Joe,

We really like your thinking here - any and all user feedback is useful and we’ll take your suggestion into consideration whilst we form the concept of a more advanced taproom management tool. We’ll check back in with you here with progress once we have it but any further ideas & feedback are greatly appreciated!