Integration request - Kegstar scanning

One from our brew team following some training day today, not sure how feasible an integration but in much the same we can record and scan our own containers, could there be an option to integrate Kegstar scanning either into production or deliveries?

Seen similar on EKegPlus requests but thought a Kegstar request might be useful.

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Hi Tom,

Thank you for the suggestion on the Kegstar integration, If anyone else thinks this integration would be useful to them, please vote for the feature using the button above.



We would definitely appreciate this feature, it would be massivly helpful to be able to scan the kegs to link them to a gyle.

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Over the last few days, we’ve had quite a few tickets about Kegstar’s new tracking system where you don’t scan anything and instead need a report to let them know what’s happened. We’re going to look at building a pre-built report for this to make it easy for you to get this data in the right format.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us this information. Please vote for this feature request and subscribe to notifications, as we’ll update you here when the report is available (hopefully very soon).

:robot: We’d love to take this one step further and automatically submit this data to Kegstar on your behalf. This would save you having to export it from Breww and upload it to Kegstar manually each week/month. If you’d like to see this added, please can you get in touch and Kegstar and ask them to open up an API for submitting this data (and give this thread a vote with the button in the top-left).


Hi Luke,
Just wanted to see when the report would be built for this. We are moving across on 3rd Oct and would be great to have it done by then

Hey Justin. I can confirm that the work on this is in progress and I fully expect it will be ready before 3rd Oct :+1:

We’re delighted to say that this is now ready for use :tada:

If you go to IntegrationsSuppliersKegstar & Microstar, you should be able to enable the integration. It’s very simple to use - you need to choose your applicable container types and then you choose a date range for the report and Breww will export the data you need, ready for you to send to Kegstar.

The report will include all NR containers delivered in the date range entered for the container types chosen. We’re hoping to improve this further in the future when Kegstar have an API to allow us to tell them this information automatically to save you from even having to export the file and send it to them.

To use this, you need to be using Kegstar’s “scanless” system which is being gradually rolled out in the UK at the moment, so if you’re not using this yet, you’ll need to move over to this system first. This is the same system as is used by Microstar in the US, so this integration is compatible with that platform too.

If you’ve any questions on this, please let us know below.

Thanks Luke thats great. One thing i noticed is that orders that came through on the new Eebria integration show the customer number not no other details. Is there a way for the Eebria integration to pull the details of where it is going and then put into the sheet?

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Thanks, Justin. I’m afraid EeBria refuse to give us the name/address details of their orders, so we don’t have access to this information in order to put it onto the export. I believe this is an attempt to hide the end customer’s details from you (the breweries) to try and prevent you from contacting them and switching them from ordering via EeBria to ordering directly from you. This is quite understandable from EeBria’s point of view, but quite unhelpful in this case (and some others).

We did ask EeBria to expose this before, but they said:

If you’d like this in the export, I’d suggest asking EeBria to expose this information to us via the API as they might be more receptive to you than us :wink: If they add it to their API, we can easily pull it through to Breww and into this export for you :+1:

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