Missing Containers & Stock Levels

Currently Missing returnable containers are just marked with a ‘tag’, but this does not affect the stock level.
In the event that a filled/in-stock returnable container is found to be missing there is no proper way to account for this status. If the container is marked as Missing in the Containers section, this just tags the container & it is still available for sale, if it is removed using the stock take function, it is removed, but then cannot be easily reinstated if found.

I’m thinking a way to deal with this could be to roll Missing Containers into the delayed racking functionality? Essentially if a container is found to be missing, it can be tagged as such & temporarily removed from sale without destroying it until it has been investigated (but without needing to hold the entire batch). There would also need to be a way to integrate this with the product stock take, perhaps a status column (available/missing)?

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Thanks Steve. I think the idea of rolling this into delayed racking releases is a great suggestion and not something we’ve thought about before. We’ll see what we can do.