*Lock* a delivery run after scheduling

Hi, great work on the new delivery features Breww team!

Please can you add a way to ‘lock’ a run once it has been scheduled? Currently someone can make an adjustment or add a delivery on a live run and it will jumble up the order which can cause confusion for the driver. Issues occur any time after around 7.30am when the delivery manifests are printed.

I suggest that if a user wants to edit a ‘live’ run they would get an alert to say the run is in progress, if however a user wanted to edit a subsequent run that same day, this can be done in draft form and can be ‘published’ or revert back to the delivery as planned originally. The delivery driver would get an alert to say something like ‘Run #2 has been changed, please print new manifest at HQ’.

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In addition to this, enable Out for delivery deliveries to be rescheduled when you click the optimise all deliveries button if they’re not part of a locked run. This would allow you to move an Out for delivery delivery to a different day and reschedule if there was a delay to a following day.

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We often find ourselves needing to dispatch a vehicle with only one or two wholesaler orders. In such cases, we prefer not to combine these orders with any others due to the potential for delays at the depot, where we might be held up for multiple hours waiting to unload.

Our goal is to have the ability to assign specific deliveries to a vehicle or run and then utilize the AI routing feature to plan the remaining deliveries and vehicles in our fleet.

Currently, our workaround involves adjusting the expected delivery dates for the orders we want to separate. We then run the AI route planning tool and subsequently readjust the dates for those orders we wish to include on a specific vehicle. Following this, we manually assign them to a vehicle that doesn’t have a scheduled run for that day.



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Thanks for the suggestion, Rob. I’ve merged your request with another to keep all the votes in the same place.