Label design for cask and keg


I have a suggestion regarding the label design in Breww. We obviously are packaging into different containers. We need different instructions on the different container type labels like dispense instructions, tasting notes, fine/unfined etc.

At the moment there is only a “one fits all” approach in Breww but one does not fit all and therefor every time a label is printed it would need to be checked if the instructions for that label (does it need the instructions for casks or keg?) are the correct ones. This is not practical.

This would be a really important feature as otherwise mistakes will no doubt happen as people will not always check if the right instructions are entered for the very label they are about to print.

With kind regards

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Thanks for the suggestion, Matthias.

Would it work for you to create (for example) a Cask label template and a Keg label template (Breww already supports this feature)? These could be linked to the specific container types so the correct template would be used each time automatically and you could make each one show different text.

If you don’t think that Customising what is shown on stock labels with custom templates is the right option for you, could you let me know why so we can ensure that we build something that would solve this for you?

Thank you.

Matthias, could you confirm if using custom stock labels here works for you?

We’ve not heard back from you, so I’m going to assume that custom label templates solved your request, but if not, please feel free to re-post it. Cheers :smile: