Keg Deposits - How to Handle?


Here in France we charge 40€ per keg as a deposit (we own the kegs).

Then once they are returned we generally remove the deposit off the following invoice for the customer. For example:

2 30L kegs of Beer are sold (100€)
2 x Deposits are charged (40€x2)
2 kegs are in the system as returned - so I want to add these as line items as -40€ per deposit. But I can’t do it as a minus number.

I see there is a DRS/CDS scheme coming, but not fully functional yet.

How are other people managing this? It’s the number 1 thing stopping me from fully switching over to using Breww to handle all our sales.


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credit notes for the time being which you can attach to an invoice

Both me and the customers don’t really like them, so also hope the ability to do returns is not a too long wait.

Ideally they are scanned in on the point of pickup and automatically added to the delivery invoice so when it is completed it is also automatically sent out.


Yep looks like I will have to do the same, I find credit notes a bit cumbersome too.

That would be very good to have the ability to have it automatically added to the delivery note/invoice.

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We set up the deposits as Service items and we issue a credit when the item is returned