Ingredient depletion by brew session

We have been using Breww for several months now and using the Purchase Orders/Inventory reciepts for goods in and depleting ingredients with recipes for each beer and brew sessions, allocating ingredients each time. I’ve just done a hops stock take and they don’t seem to be being depleted properly by the brew sessions. If I click on an ingredient and follow it through to the log, it’s not being depleted by each batch by the amount on the recipe saved in Breww. Any thoguhts or tips of something I might be missing would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Thanks for getting in touch, and I’m sorry you’re having an issue!

The thing to do would be to check a specific example batch itself rather than the recipe. The recipe could have since changed, or the batch could not have been allocated the full amount of ingredient (either due to stock levels or just not entering the right amount).
To check a specific batch, go to the batch’s page and onto the ‘Ingredients’ tab. Then, find your ingredient in the list of ‘Ingredients & other stock items added’ and check the amount. If the ingredient isn’t there at all, then none has been added. Then go to the stock item log and search for the batch number in the search box. You can then check the batch numbers add up. My first guess is that even though the recipe is correct, not enough ingredient is added to some or all of the batches.

If you’re still stuck, would you be able to open a support ticket, giving us access to your account, and one of the team can look into it for you? Be sure to include an example recipe and stock item.