Include expected losses in the overall product expected cost breakdown

We have an urgent request to add an option to account for expected losses in the overall product expected cost breakdown report as the numbers are very misleading without it.

We use the Product Expected Cost Breakdown Report for in-progress beers to set pricings regularly. We notice that it underestimates the Ingredients cost of each package type as it calculates the ingredient costs per total batch volume, without being able to set an expected loss due to specific processes like dryhopping and packaging - which can be quite significant.

It seems strange that this is accounted for on cost reports on recipe level - but these costs do not take into account packaging products, duty nor multipack products - it also does not have a decent export function

To get a realistic expected cost in order to set our pricing we have to piece together these two reports in a separate sheet. Which is cumbersome and prone to error.

It could also be a feature that you account for loss on the beer level - based on experience with similar beer type or previous batches

Another week where I run into the extremely frustrated issue of the lack of sufficient cost reporting.

In a nutshell it is still:
Recipe level: - cost prediction with option for loss on product level but without packaging/duy costs - no export option: result insufficient info/difficulty to process the info
Report level: - cost prediction wihout option to calculate losses: result insufficient info
Batch specific cost report: no breakdown of cost based on format or litres, no options to incorporate losses: insufficient info.

Also please could you add a price per liter as well to the cost reporting on recipe/batch level? This is a very important variable for comparing costs from a birdseye perspective.

I love Breww, so this is why this issue is extra frustrating. please do something about this as it has a lot of impact.

Thanks for the feedback Gijs. We do agree that there’s room for improvement here and will of course look to implement changes related to this when we can.

However, Breww is not bespoke software for just one business, it’s a platform used by many breweries. The team and I have the difficult job of juggling feature requests from over 200 breweries (and growing) and ensuring that they fit with our own business goals. Pretty much every request is considered as the “most important” request by the person requesting it. We believe that anything important to our customers is important to us, but we can only work on so many projects at once, so inevitably some things come before others.

We’re delighted to be in a position to welcome feature requests and can honestly say that we believe we lead the way in taking on ideas from our breweries and acting upon them. We’re keen to continue to invest in our product and take on board customer feedback, but we cannot simply drop everything every time a request comes in, or we’d never complete any projects or make any progress.

We will of course update you on this thread as and when progress can be made on this.

Hi Luke,

I get this and totally respect and admire the team’s ability to deal with requests as quickly as you do - and would never never expect you to drop everything. I also understand you are fed up with my feature requests (9 out of 10 are not urgent but just potential ideas) ;). There is just so much potential in your software.

This problem of not being able to generate realistic cost prognoses/breakdowns is so central to our cost-aware operations (and should be for all breweries) that I wanted to stress the impact of this again. It is honestly the only moment in working with Breww, in the last 2.5 months when I wish we hadn’t ditched our endless sheet based operations - which you should take as a slightly twisted compliment.

Our current work-around is to start up a sheet again to modify the numbers based on calculated losses in order to project better numbers and generate up to date pricings. I hope I will be able to ditch this as well in future.

Hi Gijs,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you, we’ve been discussing as a team how we can help you with this.

If we were to add an expected loss volume figure to each recipe that you could set, then use this in the Product Expected Cost Breakdown Report and the Cost Report on in-progress batches (it’s already using the real losses on a completed batch), would this cover what you’re looking for?

We’re keen to ensure Breww is working well for you in all ways, and this wouldn’t be too complicated to implement, so we should be able to fit it in before long.


Hi Luke,

Yes. As this would make the numbers the same on recipe and report side.

Of course one can immediately starting dreaming about a number that is automatically generated by breww based on multiple batches of the same beer, but you can put that on the non-urgent wishlist :slight_smile:

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Hi Gijs,

Good news! You can now set an “Expected wastage” volume on a recipe, which Breww will pull through to the “Product expected cost breakdown” report too.

You should be able to set it by simply going to the recipe, clicking Edit details and entering the expected wastage there.

We hope that helps!


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Hi MAx,




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