Expected Cost Price Option vs Actual Cost Price


Breww currently goes into very granular detail when calculating cost price. With the current cost price of any particular product changing over time from batch to batch. Reflecting any changes or updates to the price of stock items, staff costs ,utilities and packaging. Cost price for a given product will also not settle until all of that batch has been racked from tank into kegs/casks/small pack and so often can’t be used accurately for reporting purposes. This is especially true for specials or bright tank beers which may be gradually racked and sold over several weeks.

It would be extremely useful if we had the option to set an “Expected Cost Price” for every “Product” and for this expected cost price to be visable when running reports. This could then be used in combination with the “Actual” cost price to provide useful insights.

For example, at the start of the year we recieve updates on prices from suppliers for ingredients etc this is used to calculate the cost prices for all of our core products and for any planned specials for that year. This is the “Expected” cost price. It may be that over the course of the year there are changes to the cost utilities, staff wages or ingredients. Such as if we need to order outside of a pre-agreed contract with a hop supplier. This will be reflected (as is currently the case in Breww) in the “Actual” cost price.

If we had the option to very simply tell Breww what we expect the cost price to be for each product via the edit product button. We would be able to run reports looking at our expected cost price vs our actual cost price for everything we brew.

This would be a fantastic tool for keeping track of changes in profit margin over time, identifying trends/changes in costs in relation to what was expected and spotting any errors or outliers. It would also make it much easier to quickly view the profit margin of all of your products. This would further allow you to view your expected profit margin on specials and seasonals in advance of brewing them, assisting in both planning and sales.

You could add a column onto the price page of each product showing the expected GP% for that product on each price list. This would then tie in with the newly added Deals feature, giving sales staff a quick and easy way to make sure they are maintaining margin.


Yes, this would be a really useful update.

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