Batch costs vs Recipe expected costs report


I was wondering if there was any function that would allow us to compare the actual costs of a batch compared to the expected costs on a line by line basis.

The only way we do this at the moment is to look at the ingredients and costs added to the batch, then on another screen open the recipe cost report for the same beer and compare line by line manually.

Given the data is all in BREWW, could we have a report that pulled this data out for us?


Thanks for the suggestion, Geoff. I can see how this would be useful.

If anyone else would like to see this, please give this thread a vote. I’m also linking this with Compare the cost to produce different recipes and Compare costs Batches over time, as there’s probably some overlap there when we get to implementation.

Hi Luke,

I just wanted to check if we are able to make some progress on this request?



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There’s no update to report on this yet, Geoff. We’re working hard to improve Breww all the time, but with multiple requests coming in every day, it takes quite a bit of keeping up with!

We will always post an update on the thread if there’s been any news, so keep an eye on the thread for updates. You can also make sure you’re subscribed to notifications by using the :bell: button on the right of the thread.

For more information on how feature requests work and for help on voting and subscribing to updates, please see this guide:


Would definitely be interested in this, and reviewing actual vs theoretical cost en masse across a date range as well as by customer and invoice.