Compare costs Batches over time

Again maybe missing this, but would love to be able generate and export that compares cost of multiple batches of a same beer. As cost-price is very fluid at the moment this is important to keep track of instead of easily instead of diving deep into the cost reporting on batch level to extract the data

The values to select from would be:

Beer - batches/date range - yield/loss per batch - per batch/per container/per product cost - ingredient/packaging/duty cost - total cost

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Unfortunately no answer. This could also be in the form of a custom generated report? but I can’t seem to select the correct fields in the raw data explorer

Sorry for not replying to you before. There isn’t a report currently to do this (and this data isn’t easily accessible in the Raw Data Explorer). As you’ve posted this here, it’s on the list now so we can look to add this in the future :+1:

thanks for the reply. It would really be helpful - as the constant fluctuating costs makes tracking this important to decide on price increases etc.

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I don’t want to nag - but this is still very high on my wishlist - I feel that I am constantly on a back foot monitoring price changes (in predictive as well as actual batch changes) - (early december/end january alone saw the costprice change with 2% here) which makes it more difficult than it should be to monitor changes and predict developments and associated price increases

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