Import BeerXML recipe format

I develop my recipes in Brewfather. I can export from that in BeerXML format, I believe other recipe development software supports this format.
I think it would be awesome to be able to import a recipe in to breww in beerxml format.
I don’t expect it will be easy or even possible due to the way Breww works, i.e. ingredients needing to be configured, special steps for recipes but it can’t do any harm to ask right?



Hi Mike,

I agree, it would certainly be a neat feature! As you’ve correctly pointed out however, the differences between the way Breww structures recipes and the way in which Brewfather does makes it more difficult than it appears on the surface.

We are actually putting together our own plans as well to improve the recipe building functionality in Breww, with hop alpha acids, malt extracts and other useful additions to come - so it would actually be a great time to hear what elements of recipe design in Brewfather you find the most useful and intuitive, so it can influence our design going forward!

Given that we’ll be working on these updates soon and the difficulty of matching up the two platform’s behind-the-scenes recipe design, we’ll most likely be focusing on that first and have that functionality in a more settled state before embarking on a BeerXML importer. Especially because each time we want to add a significant recipe feature to Breww, we’d need to also make sure it didn’t break the BeerXML importer - which is time we could spend on improving Breww’s own recipes further.

I hope that makes sense! And I wouldn’t rule it out down the line, but we definitely want to focus on bringing more great functionality to Breww’s own recipe functionality at the moment - and would love to hear any and all ideas!