Brewhouse Efficiency

Hello everyone. We are new to Breww and we are looking to start adding recipes. We are struggling to understand if or not we can use the software to create a recipe or just store them. We ask this as there doesn’t seem to be a way of inputting our brewhouse efficiency something we rely on to calculate the amount of grain etc. When we have tried to add efficiency to the section it says the software doesn’t use this and that it is just for our records. Are we doing something wrong or do we have to formulate and calculate on another piece of software?

Cheers. Dan.

Hi Dan,

Welcome to the Breww community!

At the moment, Breww’s recipes don’t contain any out-of-the-box calculations for you, like calculating brewhouse efficiency or calculating grain and hop quantities to add based on the ingredient’s attributes.

However, recipes can be enhanced with completely customisable calculations by using “Reporting tags” and “Calculated fields” to make them really powerful. There’s an article covering how to use reporting tags and combine them with calculated fields here: 📘 Introduction to production, but if you have any questions at all on any of that, let us know!

We are also looking to add some more functionality to the recipe creation side of Breww in the coming months, including:

  • Alpha acids to be used in calculations (and other attributes of hops, grains etc. to be available to be used in calculations)
  • Yeast management, tracking and costings (Yeast management on Breww)
  • Recipe creation UX improvements (and UI improvements) to help create and design recipes more quickly
  • Improved handling of multi-turn batches
  • Ability to break down a brewing system into its component parts (HLT, Mash Tun, Kettle) and track movements between them
  • And a load more, this list is far from exhaustive!


Ah. Thats a real shame as this would be a really useful tool if everything was in one place. Does that mean we will have to use another program to make the recipes and then add the same recipe to Breww for stock management?


Hi Dan,

We agree this would be great to add, and couldn’t be more excited to build this functionality. We are looking to start building lots of this out in the next couple of weeks, and when it does start the functionality will come frequently and often, rather than as a huge change all at once. This means everyone can take advantage of a feature as soon as it’s ready, rather than waiting for lots of related functionality to be completed before launching.

In terms of taking full advantage of what Breww has at the moment, I’d recommend creating a “Base recipe” in Breww, by creating a recipe / brew sheet without associating it to a beer. You can then add core readings, checks, instructions etc. that you would like displayed on your brew sheet to this base. You can then copy the base recipe into any new recipe you add to Breww, so that you start with the vast majority of it immediately in place. For example, you could add a stage of “Pre-brew checks” that contain actions like “Make a check” to check the Mash tun is clean, and also add other calculations, readings and checks you know you’ll want every time. Then on the live brew sheet on that day, the brewer can tick off that these pre-brew stock checks have been completed, view all core calculations and take core readings, and Breww will record when it was taken and who took it for each one.

Then when you’ve designed a new recipe, you can copy the base recipe into the new one, and add the ingredient additions and their timings between the existing readings and checks you want taken.

We’ll keep you and everyone updated here as we continue to add new functionality to recipes, we should have something for you soon!


Hi Max, any news on the brewhouse efficiency that I think you were going to start building?

Hi Alex! On the production side of Breww we’re currently working on multi-turn functionality, which will be followed by support for hop alpha acids. Once those production features are in, we’ll also be looking at adding further in-built calculations like brewhouse efficiency :ok_hand: it’s difficult to put an exact time frame on it, but these are the big production tasks we’re currently looking at!

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