API functionality


I would love to have the ability to have api functionality as I would like to be able to take information on the beers in certain casks into an app I am developing…


Would be great to be able to use BREWW data in a reporting application to create live / custom dashboards.

Would be looking for read access only to BREWW Database.

Thanks Chris for the suggestion, I’ve merged this with the previous request for an API. I can confirm this is something we’re looking at doing soon.

It would be useful to get a list of the data points that you’d like to see in the API so we can prioritise what data to expose first. Thanks.


Great news @luke !

Here is a preliminary list:

Master Data

Transactional Data
Order Headers
Order Details
Production Schedule

User Data
Employees (Sales Reps Specifically)

Configuration Data
Customer Groups
Customer Types
Product Types

Thanks so much, and looking forward to it!

CC @sarah-dobsen


Hey @luke,
Where is that “previous request for an API”?
I am also interested in using Breww via an API. Any progress there?

This is it, the other topic looking for API functionality has been merged with this one. If you’d like to see a public API in Breww, this is the thread to vote for :+1: Cheers!

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Such a great software but shame we having to “hack” your interface to allow for automated temperature and gravity readings from our HW :frowning:

We would only need vessels, batches and input readings

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Hi @luke is there any update on the API functionality? It would be incredibly useful to pull data for better reporting and building custom dashboards. You mentioned a year ago that it was something you guys would look at doing soon, so hoping for some progress. Thanks!

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This did get started last year, but unfortunately, it stalled when the developer who was working on the project left our team. The good news is that this was picked up again recently and is in progress with one of the team at the moment.

Assuming there are no unexpected hiccups, we should have this over the line before too long :+1: Keep an eye on this thread for updates.

I’ve some good news for you all :smiling_face:

The first version of the Breww public API has just dropped :microphone: :point_down:

This is very much a version 0.1 release and should be considered a beta release, but we hope it helps you build wonderful things to make Breww even better than ever! We’ve grand plans for the API in the future and welcome any feedback. At the moment, it’s mostly read-only, but we will open up writing to some areas in the future. Please let us know which data types you would like to be able to write so we can prioritise these being added first.