I want to be able to allocate planned packagings to orders whilst still keeping the box checked in settings that doesn't allow me to over allocate

I’m currently in the process of taking orders for a beer that is being packaged next week. I’ve got the planned packaging set up in production for Wednesday and I want to allocate some of this beer to an order for Friday. In order to do this I have to uncheck the box in settings that doesn’t allow me to over allocate. Ideally I wouldn’t have to uncheck that box as I want Breww to stop me from accepting orders for beer that I don’t have. However I feel that planned packagings should be able to be considered as beer that “will be” in stock if the order date is after the planned packaging date as this would then allow me to take pre orders which is good for the customer and for us.

Thanks for the suggestion, Ralph.

The good news is this already exists as an option. If you go to SettingsProduct settings, and enable the Available stock to check planned packagings & delayed release stock box, you should get exactly what you’re asking for.

Just make sure that the order’s delivery date (or planned invoice date, if the delivery is not scheduled yet) is after the date of the planned packaging.

Or to allow delivery on the same date as the planned packaging, also enable the Show planned packaging stock as available on the same day as the planned packaging option.

This should cover what you’re looking for, but please do let me know if you don’t think this resolves this for you :+1: Cheers

Great, that’s even better. Thanks, all set up as needed now

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