Forecasting remaining stock item availability based on historical use in production

A good feature would be having a forecast on the inventory screen like there is on product screens. Based on usage over a prior set period to give an idea of how long items will last without us needing to input (or actually knowing) what our production schedule will be.

E.g. I could click on a hop now and it would tell me based on last 3 month production how long the remaining kilograms would last.

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Hello again, following up my own post.

I still think the feature I imagine (but perhaps can’t articulate) would be a helpful one…

Basically it’s just the same report function that generates ‘Stock availability forecast’ on the Product side but applied to Inventory items.

So we’d get a graph/chart like this for, say, Citra hops based on how much Citra hops we’ve used over x period.

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Thanks, Lewis. I think this would be really useful and I’m sorry that we haven’t got to this yet.

I’ve renamed the thread a little to hopefully attract more votes. If you can vote for it too, that will make a difference to its priority. If anyone else would find this useful, please vote using the button in the top-left :+1: