Inventory/stock item usage report & stock level forecast

Im struggling to find (or make) a report that will give me details of how much of an item I have used over time.

For example:
How much pale malt have I used in the last 12 months?
How many empty bottles have I used in the last 6 months?

I can do a report on how many I have bought. But its particular the figure of how many Ive physically used that Im after.

Im sure there must be a way to do this as everything is logged against batches. I just can’t work out how!

Many thanks in advance


Hi Ben,

Thanks for posting this here on the community! I have converted this post into a feature request, as there is not currently a report that does this, so you will see a button to vote now by the post title, but I think it is a good idea that will interest other breweries too. In the meantime, the only real way check inventory usage is to check the individual inventory items log, where you can see each time it was used.


Thanks Conor. Duly voted!

I have resorted to looking at the log, but its 61 pages long, so I was hoping there was another option!

You could look at the Inventory by date report for the two dates, then if you know how many you’ve purchased, you could then work out the number you must have used in that time. Still a bit of a long workaround, but maybe an option in the meantime!

I don’t know if this could be considered at the same time but the ability to run a forecast on inventory items would be helpful to us.

The same decreasing chart that you can view for a product type, that shows when the current stock will be depleted based on 12 weeks (or whatever) usage.

So we could click onto Maris Otter malt and it would tell us that our current 1,000 kg will run out in 5 weeks, for example.

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This would be amazing!!!

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’m sure a forecast could be added with this. If anyone would like to see this, please give this thread a vote.

I love the idea of a forecast report for stock items, like the products one. In the meantime, the pre-brew stock check can be used to give you a good idea of a forecast, so if you’ve not seen that before, it’s well worth checking out. It can be found in ProductionActionsPre-brew stock check.

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We briefly discussed this before in relation to another topic - so this idea definitely gets our support.

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Hi Ben

Glad I found this as I was about to create a post with the same suggestion. We are currently looking at Hop and Malt contracts and being able to see how much ingredients we used over a period of time would be highly beneficial

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We use Breww to manage our warehouse tock and distribution, it would be a great idea to provide the same “availability forecasting report”, which is currently only reserved for beer products, but to all stock items. I have managed to find the workaround with the logs but would like a screen similar to “stock availability forecasting report”.

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