Forecasting planned/conditioning stock by specific date range, not just by month

Would it be possible to create a feature within the forecasting function to be able to break down the dates further to specific date ranges rather than just monthly, please?

From a sales perspective, this will assist us massively, as we project forward sales 4-6 weeks to communicate with certain customers, so we need to know accurately when planned/conditioning stock will actually be available to release.


Have you clicked on one of the monthly numbers in this report? This should pop up with a graph showing the data per day within that month so you can easily see the exact dates you are expected to go out of stock.

I just wanted to check if you’d seen this and to see if this covered what you are looking for? If not, please let us know. Thanks.

Hey Luke. Thanks for this. I think I understand what you’re suggesting. If I click on ‘x’ beer, I can see the date from which it will be available to sell (as it’s currently conditioning).

This is useful but not exactly what I was looking for. What I need to know is, as an example,

From w/c 16th May - what beers in which formats will be available for me to offer? So then I can communicate that list to a customer, who can in turn place their pre-order with me today and I can run that through Breww so the stock is taken off.

Does that make sense? And hopefully there is a solution I’m missing in order to achieve the above.

Many thanks!