Inventory Forecasting


I want to be able to schedule multiple batches into the future and easily check whether i have enough raw materials for, say, the next 6 batches, to ensure I’m buying in the correct ingredients etc. in good time. A report or section, perhaps, that tells me what I’m short of and need to purchase to cover a selected upcoming period of scheduled brews. I presume this feature exists but I can’t find how to do it.

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Hi Barry,

Thanks for getting in touch, our ‘Pre-brew stock check’ tool will allow you to do this as long as the ‘Would you like to include stock that is due to be used by planned or in-progress batches?’ check box is ticked. You can find the ‘Pre-brew stock check’ tool by going to Production > Actions > Pre-brew stock check. This will then take into account your planned batches when checking stock in the tool.

I hope that helps, If you have any questions, just comment below.