Allow exporting Stock availability forecast report to Excel

New report to allow for a weekly available product stock level (to be able to export alongside Rate of sale) and therefore stock forecasting. Run at same time each day e.g. 1am every Monday

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How do you do the rate of sale report as that would be great

To get a full breakdown of number of units sold per week per product, I do: Reporting > Products sold (order lines) ( under Aggregrate data report builder). Then change date grouping to weekly. Can then also add in filters for specifics customers if you want (Invoice - Customer - Name). Then First metric ‘Item total quantity’, first metric extra grouping ‘product’.

But it would be great to then also overlay how much stock that therefore means you have left! Or even better, with upcoming batches scheduled in for forecasting too

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Thanks so much that is really helpful and I agree that being able to overlay would make a huge difference

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Thanks for the suggestion. A report for historical product stock levels would be a great addition. If the primary purpose is to forecast future stock levels, have you seen the “Stock availability forecast” report before? It covers quite a bit of this, including predicted sales & planned packaging, but it could certainly be improved even further. It can be found at ReportingPre-built Production & inventory reportsStock availability forecast.

I appreciate that report isn’t specifically what you’re asking for, but it might help you get to the same end goal.

Hi Luke, is there a way to get this split out by week rather than monthly? Also can it be exported?Thanks

If you click on a month’s figure, you’ll see it graphed daily, so you can sort of see it weekly, but also not quite! It also can’t be exported at the moment.

It’s actually surprisingly complex for us to get historical stock levels for products - we store the current stock level and to get a historical level we would need to “replay” all the changes in reverse to calculate a previous stock level. Adding extra options for a weekly view and exporting to this report would in fact be an easier task for us probably.

I could switch this feature request to be for adding those features to this report if that would be helpful, instead of the original request?

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the outline. Yes I think export features for all this stock (and not just individually by each product) would be very useful


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Sorry, me again! Is there a way it can also include ordered stock quantity as part of the sales forecast? For one of these I have 70 on order, but that isn’t being factored in

You can choose how Breww should predict the sales with the “Sales forecast method” option in the form and one of these options is to just use your outstanding deliveries. The default option will look at recent sales and make a prediction of typical sales based upon those, but it tries not to be skewed too much by a one-off big order and so might not include a one-off order (fully), which I know looks strange if you know you have it, but it’s trying to predict the normal sales rate.

There’s also Manually set expected sales rate in Stock availability forecast as an outstanding request that you might find useful and want to vote for?