Expected cost and non stock ingredients / utility costs


We are used to include some non-stock “ingredients” into our expected costs sheets pre-breww - think of co2 cost, label design cost, yeast propagation cost etc - these are quite significant actual costs related to beers and batches we want to be aware of before we start or even decide to brew a beer.

We can of course ad these as utility costs in the brewing process, but these costs are not take into account for expected cost breakdowns and we will only know the full cost picture of a batch once it is finished, the difference between them will be quite significant.

Have you thought about ways in which to include these costs into predictive cost reports? Maybe allow to punch in some numbers as expected additional costs? or as as non-stock ingredients we can change up while brewing?

I think this would be really useful. The expected cost report should really give the actual cost to brew, with expected wastage, of the products. Currently the automatic batch costs don’t pull through and being able to add service costs (Bottling, transport etc) would really help.

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