Duplicate an order

I don’t think there is a way to do this currently but if someone knows please shout. We sometimes get customers just asking for a repeat of the previous order. I don’t think there is a way to duplicate/copy an order forward. There is the repeat function which is for an ongoing repeat order but this is just a one off. If there isn’t currently a way could this be added as a feature.

Thanks for getting in touch John.

You can use the repeat order functionality to set this to repeat the order but under ‘Maximum number of additional orders to create’ you can set this to 1 so that there is only one repeat order in the future or you can set the ‘Create orders until’ section to the date where your second order is fulfilled.

I hope that helps but let me know if you need any further clarification.

Hi Joe
Thanks for the reply. I realise we can use the repeat order but for a single one off duplication it is clunky. You have a very neat duplicate button for purchase orders and I wondered if it was possible to have the same for invoices.

Thanks for the feedback John, I will pass it on to the team and if this is added, I’ll make sure to update you as soon as it is live.

Hi Joe,

Was about to request this same feature before finding this thread.

I agree that using the repeat order functionality is clunky, having the option to duplicate an order’s content in 1 click would be super useful and something that would be a great utility to add to order options.

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