Copy Billing Address to Delivery Address when managing orders

When setting up a new customer can you please have a copy button to duplicate the Delivery address from the Billing address as this would save a lot of time and ensure errors are avoided.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Robert. Your screenshot is of an order, not a customer. I just want to make sure we’re understanding you correctly - is this where you’d like the option to copy the address over?

There is already this option when creating a new customer (and then these addresses would be used on their orders):

Cheers :+1:

yes it would be when placing an order as we use different generic customer for retail deliveries, retail mailorder and retail click & collect. We then only have to put one address in unless the order is a gift in which case the delivery address will be different. It reflects how our orders will come over from our webshop when our web designers sort out the API.

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