Disassemble/break up pallets from the delivery detail page/when assigning stock

Would it be possible to add the ability to break up pallets from the delivery detail page?

We have had a few instances where we can’t dispatch orders as the pallet hasn’t been split by scanning it. I appreciate this is operator error, however it’s then a bit of a pain to correct in the office.

if there was an option to breakup a pallet at the point where you are assigning stock on the delivery detail page that would help massively.

Hi Ben, thanks for your comment! I can see why this would be useful; I have converted this to a feature request so that others can see your idea and vote on this! Cheers!

We think this is a great usability improvement and, fortunately, is easy to add as we already have the functionality; it was just not reachable from the delivery page in one click.

The great news is that it now is :tada:

We hope this proves useful and thanks for the great suggestion.

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Amazing. That makes things much easier! Thanks!

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