Customers reporting

I would like to be able to run a report which shows - Customer name - Delivery Postcode - Primary Contact name - mobile number - date last ordered. can you help me with that please ?

We don’t currently have the ability to get the primary contact’s first name in a report like this, but you can get everything else using a Customers & suppliers raw data explorer report.
If you head over to the reporting section, you can click the green ‘Create from share code’ button and paste in the following:


I’m guessing this is a for a call list of some sort? If so, an alternative solution would be to use Breww’s customer lists feature. Go to Customers > View > Customer Lists. You can create dynamic customer lists here, which are great for making call lists. Let me know if you need extra help making a list.
When looking at your customer list, if you click on the first customer in the list, it will open to their overview page. You can see all their details at a glance. You can also easily take notes and record a call from this screen. You will also now see a button to move to “next list customer”, which you can use to navigate all of your customer’s overview pages quickly.

If none of the above provides a useable solution for you, you can post a feature request for adding the primary contact’s name to the customers & suppliers report.

Hi Ben

The share code is’nt working.

I have copied the exactly what you sent by cut and paste including start and end but it says to ensure i have copied the complete code.

Ah, sorry about that! Some characters were being formatted and displayed differently, meaning the wrong characters were being copied over. I’ve changed this now so the correct characters will be copied.