Creating Task Type Categories

Hi Team!

I think a beneficial addition to Breww would be if we could categorise tasks.
For example, our sales team often start there mornings with just texting/emailing certain customers based on there preference. We do this as it doesn’t disturb them.
It would be great if you were able to filter out the tasks that are specifically text or emails so they can work through those first, rather than having to try and spot them or rename the task.
Therefore it would be good if we could give each task a category when it is created within the customer.
I’m sure this would have benefits outside of sales too.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Thanks for putting this forward, Kieran.

How does “tagging” tasks sound? This way you could make all the tags you need and apply as many tags to a single task as you’d like. This might be more flexible than task types (in that you can have multiple on a single task).

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Yes tags would work. Then it would be optional too?

Yep, that’s right - they’d be optional. I think tags is a good way to go here :+1: