Tasks - Enhancement Requests

A couple of additional things which would be helpful in the Tasks section. This list is in roughly some kind of prioritised order of desire.

  • A way to see (as a Brewery Admin) a way to view All Tasks in one click. Currently, the Admin needs to select each individual user to see their Tasks. There’s no way to have a single global view of all open tasks, regardless of whom they are assigned to (work around is to assign everything to everyone, which isn’t great).
  • Task categories or tags. It’d be great if tasks could be tagged or categorised. Then a filter available to filter the view by category/tag. Eg. a tag for “Ingredients” and then one could filter for only tasks which involve purchasing or managing ingredients.
  • Something like “milestones” in GitHub/GitLab. This could be assigning tasks to a Batch. For example, first a new Batch is created. Then tasks are created and assigned to that Batch. Then there is a filter view to see the status of all tasks assigned to that Batch. This feature would be handy to see the percentage status of all tasks required for a batch. E.g. buying ingredients, buying cleaning materials, chasing the return of kegs etc
  • A kanban board style view. Pretty self explanatory. See GitHub/GitLab and many other projects for examples. Columns could be based upon tags/categories. Swimlanes would be nice, but could be a further, future update.
  • A task start date, this could then also show a task as covering multiple days in the calendar view
  • An assignment of priority
  • An assignment of hours of effort
  • A Gantt view

Hi Phill,

Thanks for the suggestions here on how to improve the Tasks section. I’ll discuss this with the team and keep you updated with any progress.