Tasks - Enhancement Requests

A couple of additional things which would be helpful in the Tasks section. This list is in roughly some kind of prioritised order of desire.

  • A way to see (as a Brewery Admin) a way to view All Tasks in one click. Currently, the Admin needs to select each individual user to see their Tasks. There’s no way to have a single global view of all open tasks, regardless of whom they are assigned to (work around is to assign everything to everyone, which isn’t great).
  • Task categories or tags. It’d be great if tasks could be tagged or categorised. Then a filter available to filter the view by category/tag. Eg. a tag for “Ingredients” and then one could filter for only tasks which involve purchasing or managing ingredients.
  • Something like “milestones” in GitHub/GitLab. This could be assigning tasks to a Batch. For example, first a new Batch is created. Then tasks are created and assigned to that Batch. Then there is a filter view to see the status of all tasks assigned to that Batch. This feature would be handy to see the percentage status of all tasks required for a batch. E.g. buying ingredients, buying cleaning materials, chasing the return of kegs etc
  • A kanban board style view. Pretty self explanatory. See GitHub/GitLab and many other projects for examples. Columns could be based upon tags/categories. Swimlanes would be nice, but could be a further, future update.
  • A task start date, this could then also show a task as covering multiple days in the calendar view
  • An assignment of priority
  • An assignment of hours of effort
  • A Gantt view

Hi Phill,

Thanks for the suggestions here on how to improve the Tasks section. I’ll discuss this with the team and keep you updated with any progress.




A nice expansion for the tasks functionality, would be the ability to link a task to a cleaning procedure / record. The goal is to be able to assign certain weekly / monthly cleaning tasks to specific individuals, with a visible notification, rather than trusting them to go and look to see what needs to be done, or is past-due.



Thanks Ben.

We’ve improved how we manage feature requests since this thread was originally opened and I’m going to have to close this thread. Unfortunately, threads like this that group lots of different (although related) requests into one are hard for people to find and more challenging for us to implement. We really need threads that we can mark as completed in one go, rather than doing a bit at a time, and people know what exactly they’re voting for. Additionally, I must be honest, that a lot of what’s in here doesn’t feel like it’s the right route for Breww’s task system, it’s re-inventing how agile/kanban project management tools work and that’s been done a million times over by other software packages that typically target software development teams. I’m not saying that we can’t improve tasks - we certainly can - but we just need to manage the requests differently.

There’s already a thread for the specific request of Linking cleaning/maintenance schedules to Tasks so if you can give that one a vote, that would be ideal :+1:

Ditto Select multiple users to view all their tasks at once and Creating Task Type Categories that are mentioned in the original post in this thread.

If there are any other specific task improvements that you would find useful, please can you add them as individual requests or vote for them in an existing thread if there’s already one. Thank you, and I’m sorry if it seems a little counterproductive to close this.