Control product availability by delivery area and customer type for trade store

Our specific request is to be able to prevent certain customer types, from ordering certain products, outside of certain delivery areas via the trade store.

For example wholesale customers can order steel kegs by the pallet load and return empties by the pallet load from anywhere but an individual free house on the other side of the country would not be able to order a 50L steel keg as we cannot send them via courier and the logistics of returning empties would not be cost effective. Instead in this case we would use single use kegs or a wholesaler.

This can be controlled if taking orders manually by phone or email but when using the trade store it would be very useful if this could be controlled via a rule of some sort.


Thanks for the great suggestion, Sam.

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Ah found this feature now and similar to our request but going even further in being able to specify to individual customer level for house beers etc.
Voted and with that individual cust/product/drink option would be great.

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