Bulk Force Update for Integration Mappings

We had a busy weekend with a missing product map and have 300 or so orders to manually force apply changes on the sync screen. Is it possible to add an option to bulk force update?



Great to hear you had a busy weekend!

As long as the orders are all from within the last couple of weeks (which it sounds like these will be), then you can use the “Force download missing orders” button to get Breww to check on all recent orders and see if they can now be imported. It can take a while for this to complete, so don’t worry if they’re not showing immediately after clicking the button.


Breww will also check periodically for recent missed orders, so if you did nothing, these should all appear within a day or so too (assuming the product mapping has been resolved).

Does this cover what you’re needing or is there something else that would be useful?

Hi Luke,

I was about to delete the post actually, as I cleared the messages and then force downloaded the orders as you mentioned. Still waiting for it to complete, but it’s looking like it got everything. Only issue is that quite a few orders aren’t coming through as completed, so we’ll have to complete the deliveries manually.


Ah yes, so the orders should be auto completing if you have available stock, so I presume you don’t have all the required stock for them (or didn’t when they initially came through).

If they are POS sales, then if you go to Deliveries > [the date] > POS fulfilment (tab), then there should be a button in the top-right of that tab that says “Mark as left duty suspense and complete fulfillment” which should allow you to complete them all in one go (or at least all that has available stock). If they’re down as another type of “delivery”, there should be a similar button for the section that the sales are showing in.

I hope this helps save some time :+1:

Hi Luke,
Cheers for the tip. Most of them autocompleted after about 30 minutes, so that saved us quite a bit of time.