Auto Send Delivery Notes


Is there a way to automatically send delivery notes alongside invoices?


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the question. This isn’t possible currently, but I can certainly add this to the feature request list for you.

Invoices get emailed at the time the order is invoiced (assuming you have this setting enabled). Are you looking for the delivery note to simply be attached as an additional PDF to the same email? Or are you thinking a separate email which is sent at a different time - maybe triggered when the delivery is marked as complete?

Hi Luke

We have the auto email invoice enabled. Does this get sent when the delivery is marked as complete?

The delivery note would have to be sent sometime after the delivery is complete, to include the signature and name of the recipient. Whichever is easier really, PDF or a separate email. This is a customer/group specific request so it would be handy to be able to select this option for different accounts/groups.


Thanks Tim, that makes sense.

Currently, the invoice is emailed at the point the order is invoiced. This can be via someone manually invoicing it in Breww (although we discourage this approach), or via Breww automatically invoicing the order. Breww will do this at the point the order leaves duty suspense, which by definition, will always be before the delivery is complete (with the exception of collections). For this reason, it will make most sense for this to be a separate email to the invoice one.

This is on our feature requests list now, so we’ll let you know when it’s done.


It’s now possible to get Breww to automatically send delivery notes by email upon delivery completion :tada: Find out more at:

Is it possible to allow this to be configured at the customer group level, alongside “Automatically email invoices to this group’s customers?”

Or worst case via a tag on a contact?

I’m sure this could be added, but it’s not possible right now. I’m sure it could be added with the option on a customer group, rather than via a tag.

If you’d like to open a feature request for this, we’ll be able to track it through to implementation. Cheers :+1:

Hi Luke,

We have a similar request. Essentially the ability to exclude individual customers/groups from the global “Automatically send delivery note PDF by email to customer when completing a delivery” setting. Whilst 99% of our customers want to receive these emails (and automating it via this setting saves us a load of time), there currently isn’t a way to exlude those remaining 1% who do not want to receive them.


Thanks Greg.

I’ve posted this as a feature request now. Could you please give it a vote (and @craig-edmunds) :smile:

Thank you