Assigning packaging types to customers

Would it be possible to assign certain packaging types to customers?

For example, export customers can only see what is available in Key/Poly kegs?


Thanks for the suggestion, Fay.

When you say for a customer to only “see” some container types, where are you referring to them seeing them? The Breww Trade Store? Price lists?

Hi Luke,

I just want to be able to send an availability list to our Export customers that only shows Polykegs and small pack. If there’s an easier way to do this let me know, I’m still getting to grips with how everything works at the moment!


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Thanks, Fay, and I’m sorry for the slow response.

A price list might be a good option for you here.

You can generate a price list by going to ProductsPricingCustomer price lists. From here, you can choose the price book (for customer-specific pricing) and also exclude certain container types.

It might also be that Price list improvements - #38 by lewis-hill would be helpful for you here (saving the price list options on a per-customer basis, to save having to select them each time)?

Does this cover what you need? Thanks.