View stock by location

It would be incredibly helpful to develop the stock and product visibility per location as a simple table in the products section. Currently, there are a few ways to achieve this (stocktake/custom report/settings tab for units & locations) but nothing simple. In my mind, a tab in the products section next to ‘all products list’ called ‘By Location’ would help greatly to see all your stock on hand (by location) immediately without having to pull a report or do a stocktake. If you have several warehouses on one site, being able to filter the unit and see what’s in each one would help a lot. (Please see attached crude drawing)


Thanks for the suggestion, Thomas.

Would you want to see a list of all your locations (a bit like how “Products by beer”, “Products by packaging”, etc show) and click to expand a location and this would reveal a section with the product stock list in it?