VAT totals by VAT rates on invoice (tax summary box)

Is it possible to put the base amount on which VAT is calculated on the invoice with a bit of code in the template?

For instance:

VAT 21% on € 100 : € 21

This helps the customer to destinguish between the different VAT amounts.

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Hi Gijs,

Thanks for your question! The short answer is yes, but not easily. Whilst it is possible to do this in your invoice template code, it would not be a straightforward task and would require a pretty good knowledge of coding and some time. It would be something we could do behind the scenes, and make generally accessible to all Breww users as an option which is probably preferable, but again, whilst possible, it’s not that straightforward to just add. I have, however, converted your post into a feature request so that our dev team can review it for you. Please make sure to give it a vote!

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!