VAT-only adjustments


It would be really useful to have a way of making a VAT-only adjustment to an order, or to be able to set a VAT-inclusive price for certain items - currently sometimes the VAT amount is calculated incorrectly and multiple little adjustments at different VAT rates are needed to match the Breww order with our other software, e.g. online store payments.

An example - we have a gift box at £10 on our online store, which ex-vat is £8.33333 - the VAT often gets calculated slightly wrong on the Breww order. Only way I’ve found to (for example) add 2p to the VAT amount is a “100% VAT Rate” adjustment of +2p, followed by a “0% VAT Rate” adjustment of -2p. This is a faff and a fiddle - on Xero I can just add a small adjustment to the VAT amount, which is far simpler.

Please consider either a function to make small VAT-only adjustments (preferred), and/or to specify in an item’s pricing an inc. VAT price.

Many thanks, have a good Christmas!

Hi Harry,

Thanks for getting in touch, and I’m sorry for the slow response.
I’ll have a chat with the team about making just VAT adjustments to invoices, and see what we can do.
You are actually already able to enter prices including VAT. You can do this by editing the price within a price book. See what you think and let me know if this solves the issue for you.