Trade Store Pre-order


We have been using the trade store over the past few months. We have been getting asked by customers if it is possible to have pre-order products on the trade store. Currently we can only do in-stock, out-of stock. As a result we have found some customers not using the store or contacting sales to ascertain what to pre-order.

Is this already a function? and if not is it something that would be possible.


Thanks for the question, Allan, and welcome to the Breww Community.

There is a setting to allow you to accept orders for out-of-stock items. Is this what you’re looking for? The only thing to be aware of is that this will apply to all products, not just a subset of products.

This can be enabled in SettingsBreww Trade Store settings

Does this cover what you need? It’s not possible right now to mark some products only as available for purchase, when out of stock (effectively a pre-order), but if this is something you’d like we can look at adding this as a feature in the future.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the quick reply. Some form of pre-order wpould be great.

Currently we have the scenario were customers tend to use the trade store on monday to place orders for delivery end of week. However we often package a new beer on the wednesday which technically means it could have been delivered that week but sadly it cant happen as the customers has not been able to see it on the trade store etc


Ok great. Would the option that I mentioned in my previous reply cover what you need? If so, you can just enable this today.

Or do you need something else?