Show which items on trade store orders are pre-orders

We have just turned the trade store on and picked up a bit of an issue.
Customers can pre-order which is brilliant. However no where does it flag to us that the pre-order has been made. The outcome of this is that a customer makes a pre-order and potentially the first we would realise is on the delivery day when we come to fulfil it and find no stock.
At the very least there needs to be a flag on the invoice/order that this is a pre-order and even better would be something on the dashboard

The other thing is that there really needs to be the ability to add some text to the email sent to a customer when they pre-order that allows for us to say something like “thank you for your pre-order we will advise you on when you can expect delivery”
Edit by Breww team: This has been moved to its own thread: Allow customisation of the trade store order confirmation emails

Happy to discuss but this is currently a significant flaw in the trade portal.
Otherwise the early feedback is great.

Thanks for putting this forward, John :+1: Just so you know, I’ve split it into two threads as although both requests are related to the trade store, they’re two completely different requests and it’s much easier for them to be seen by others, voted for, and implemented by us if they are tracked as two requests.


Thanks Luke. This is probably more important than the other one but would be useful to flag to the customer and remind them that they have pre-ordered something

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Depending on where it fits in your own priority list, it might be worth voting for it yourself :+1: You may need to remove a vote from something less important to give it to this (you’ve run out of votes).

Have a great weekend.

This is still causing us issues. We have had more orders in now that cannot be fulfilled as they are pre-orders but there is nothing flagging that on the order or invoice for the customer. This becomes even more important when an order ends up mixed as in we have some products but some are not yet in stock. Please can this be looked at. I’m surprised more people don’t have this issue

Thanks John. I must admit that I don’t recall anyone else mentioning this ever.

We could look to add something to the order data to record if any item in the order was a “Pre-order” at the time of ordering on the trade store. But this would then always show as a pre-order, even when everything is subsequently in stock. Which presumably isn’t what’s wanted?

So this got me thinking; is this really a trade store related feature at all, or is it more of a request for a warning to show on any order that you don’t have the required stock available for? And if so, where would the warning need to show?

Hi Luke
That really surprises me that others using the trade store don’t get the issue.
To be honest we just need a flag on the line item that says its a pre-order as this would also confirm to the relevant pub that they have made a pre-order. It doesn’t matter that the flag is still there when it is in stock as it was still a pre-order when it was made.
I don’t think it needs to be any more complex than that as this is the only place where a pre-order can get made where there is no human intervention so the staff aren’t aware of it

Ah, so it only needs to show on a per-line basis (rather than on a per-order basis). And just show in the list of products on the order for you on the main order screen and them in the “order history”? Or other places too?

Yeah I was just thinking on the invoice it would have a note under saying it was a pre order item or something just so it flags to staff and also that it is clear to pubs that they have made a pre order and when they come back to us saying why wasn’t it delivered we can say it was a pre order as it says on invoice

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