Touch Office EPOS integration

For off site taproom sales, is there an integration with Touch Office or a possibility of one?

Hi Hazel,

Thanks for your request.
We can certainly look into this. We’ll get in touch with Touch Office, as they don’t appear to publish any documentation on their website about building integrations. At this stage, we’re not sure if it’s possible from their side, but if it is, we’ll certainly explore this for you. We’ll contact them shortly, and let you know when we have an update.


Hi I was just wondering if there was any feedback on this?

Hi Hazel,

According to our notes, we did send them a message with their online contact form in October, but it doesn’t look like we got a response. I’m sorry that this caused this to fall through the gaps on our side.

We got in touch with them again today but unfortunately the answer is what you were looking for, I’m afraid. They said:

Thank you for your enquiry and interest. In regards to obtaining our API/Integration documentation, currently this is something we are not providing to third parties at this time. We are currently concentrating our resources/development on in-house projects. This is not to say that we will not be looking into third party integrations in the future. Please feel free to contact us at a later date, as this might be something that we will review further.

They have said of course that they may allow integrations in the future, but by the sounds of this, it won’t be in the near future. If you’d consider switching to another platform, we have integrated with Zettle and Square already, and have SumUp & Epos Now planned for the future (both of which do have an API that we can use).

I’m sorry this isn’t the news you were hoping for!


Touch Office have followed up saying that they do have an API after all.

We’ll have a look at this and ensure it covers what we need and get back to you shortly with an update.

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