Shopify, Epos integration

Just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge on epos and Shopify integration.
we use shopify for our website and it all syncs with Breww fine. We use Epos in our shop and this doesn’t integrate, however I have noticed it does link with Shopify.

My question is, would the orders and till use on Epos, stock inventory etc, would that then talk to Breww via the Epos transactions going into Shopify, and then into Breww - if that makes sense?

many thanks

Hi Dave,

Which EPOS system are you using? We’ve a Zettle (aka iZettle) integration coming very soon and SumUp following shortly after. I know some of our Shopify customers also use the Shopify POS and those orders come through to Breww just like the Shopify website orders.

It might be possible for Shopify to be an intermediary between Breww and the POS system, but it hard to say without knowing more.

If you’re using another POS system, we’d be happy to look at whether a direct integration would be possible.



hmmm I’m not too sure actually, all I know is its called Epos Now - does that help?

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Yes, Epos Now makes sense.

I think the only real option here would be for us to build a direct integration with Epos Now, I don’t see a good way in which the Shopify integration could be leveraged in the middle to be honest.

We’d need to look into this in further detail, but it looks as if they have an API, so we could build an integration which could work similarly to our other POS integrations. This would mean the following things would happen:

  • Sales on Epos Now would be imported individually into Breww for stock tracking & optional syncing to accountancy platforms.
  • Stock levels in Breww would be synced with your stock levels in Epos Now (Breww always being the source of truth).

I’d expect this would be an addon module at the same pricing as our other POS integrations (2p per transaction, with a minimum monthly fee of £19.99).

Would this be something you’re looking for? If so, we can look to add this into our plans.

Hi Luke thanks for the reply

yes I think that would be exactly what we are looking at, I will Just have a chat here with the guys when everyone is back from Holidays to make sure that’s correct and get back to you then. Thanks, Dave

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