SquareSpace Intergration


Before I start integrating my online squarespace shop, I’d like to know how pricing would work between that and Breww. Would Breww set a price based off the Squarespace and use it as a kind of ‘master’ or would it use the pricing that I’ve already set on Breww?

My Squarespace shop is for the use of the general public and would be a different pricing structure to that of trade customers.


Thanks for getting in touch Sean.

The Squarespace integration would essentially take your orders at the price on your Squarespace store and then import them into Breww at that price. So although you have pricing set in Breww, the price of the e-commerce store you are using will always take precedence.

You could then also have your trade pricing on your Breww trade store. I have included a link below on how to set up your trade store which you may find useful.

Thanks for clearing that up Joe. All sorted now mate.