How to set up your own Breww Trade Store

Not sure what the Breww Trade Store is? Check out this announcement, where you can see a quick overview, as well as screenshots of what your store will look like to your customers.

It’s free to set up your trade store and pricing is simple - we’ll charge just 1% commission on all sales made via the trade store. There’s no monthly or other fees.

To set up a Breww Trade Store, start by going to Settings in the main menu, then click Breww Trade Store settings. Get going by looking through the possible settings, and changing them as you please. You can customise things such as how your stock levels are shown, and if you want deliveries to be automatically scheduled then click on the Branding & content settings tab, where you can customise colours, fonts, and some of the text displayed on your trade store. Next, it’s time to select which products you’d like to show on your store. Click on the Products tab, then simply tick or untick the products as you wish. If you’d like to add special rules for different customers, such as minimum order values, click on the Customer-based rules tab.

When on a product’s page within Breww, click on the Breww Trade Store tab, to see a breakdown of that product’s listing on the trade store. When creating or editing a product/beer, you can add a trade store image, description and name override, if you’d like. Alias and derived beer products can also be added to the trade store.

For beer products (with the exception of mixed-packs), Breww will take the base images and description information from the beer itself. To set this up for the trade store, find the beer within Breww and use its edit button. An image can also be added directly to the product, which will be used in the basket and some other places where your customer has already chosen a specific product.

For non-beer products (such as merchandise), and mixed-packs, you can set the images and description of the product by editing the product itself in Breww.

In order to test out your own trade store, you’ll need to give yourself access. Start by clicking the View my trade store button in the top right of the settings page. Enter your account details, and submit the form. Go back to Breww, refresh the page, and you’ll then see a badge on the Customers section, denoting the access request. Click on Customers, then on the Trade store access requests tab, where you can accept the request. You’ll need to create a customer for your own staff access. Now you’ll be able to test out your new trade store, exactly how one of your own customers would.

You will be provided with a unique URL (website address) for your trade store. You can link to this from your website, and potential customers will be able to use the Request access button to ask you for access. They will be unable to see any of your products or prices until you have approved this request from within Breww.

In addition to allowing customers to request access, you can also easily invite existing customers to save them having to fill in their details. To do this, find the customer in Breww and click on the Breww Trade Store tab. There you’ll see an Invite someone button, where you can invite the customer by email and Breww will send them a special link that will allow them access to your trade store. From this tab on the customer’s page, you can also view the current basket contents of the customer, which is ideal if they call you with a question during their buying process.

As nobody can view your trade store without access being granted by you, you can start configuring the options & product descriptions/images, and test the entire process with your own account, to make sure you get everything looking how you want before you invite any of your customers.

:toolbox: Just getting started with Breww? Click here to visit the next guide, or Click here to return to the Getting started guide.

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Hello. We are setting up our trade store at the moment and have the sections of beer, keg, cask, small pack. We were wondering if it is possible to create other sub categories too i.e. Dark Beer, Colabs etc.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the question. This isn’t possible at the moment, but we’re planning some improvements to the trade store soon. I’ll add this request to the trade store improvements task, thanks for the great suggestion!


Hello again. I wondered if there’s a way of getting an email alert when new customers want access to the trade store?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your message, it isn’t possible in Breww but I will discuss it with the team.

I’ll update you here if there is any progress on this.



Would it be possible to get a filter for sub-types of containers?
E.g. some customers may want to exclude certain sizes or spear types of kegs.etc

Also, is there an easy/quick way to remove out of stock products? Could a column/tag show if a product is in or out of stock on the trade store settings so that the listing can be easily toggled on or off?
Thanks in advance!

With our brand new Beer & Product Tags feature, you can tag your beers & products, and optionally enable these tags to act as Trade Store categories. We hope this helps

Sorry for the delayed reply, Steve!

It’s not possible currently to hide out of stock products, however this is something that’s been talked about a few times before with others. The “problem” with this feature is that it’s great if someone is browsing for something to buy without a specific product in mind, but if someone is specifically looking for a particular product, it can be unhelpful to hide it.

For example, if a customer of yours comes to your trade store looking for Super Tasty Beer and searches for it but nothing comes up, they’ll question their spelling, start clicking through categories and may eventually get frustrated as they can’t find what they’re looking for (and even think the website isn’t working properly). This might result in a phone call to your sales team where they explain the item is just temporarily out of stock, which is inconvenient for you and annoying for them.

If this item was shown (as happens now), they’ll see it and instantly realise it’s out of stock and in many ways this is a better experience for your customer.

A filter for in/out of stock items might be the best way forward as this way your customer will find the item when looking for it specifically, but can also filter out the out of stock items to make it easier for them to find an alternative. If this would be helpful for you, could you request it in the Feature Requests area and then others can vote it up the priority list? :+1:

With the launch of both Beer/Product Tags (mentioned above) and the recent changes for filtering, you do now have far greater control over how products are shown and your customers can easily filter the exact container types that they’d like shown, rather than just all “kegs”.

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Can we have the possibility to add headers to the trade home page? Ability to edit the home page would be great other then just text and button colours.

How do you remove product categories from trade store? When a customer clicks on products i want them to be captured by just the products. Not having browse by small pack and or browse by drink.


Thanks for the suggestion Kyle, and for posting it in the feature requests section too, that’s the ideal place for this so we can track it through to completion :+1:

Hi there,

I’m working on setting up our trade store and I’m wondering if you can let me know the logic of the order of how the items appear in the store/category? I’d like things to show up in a certain order and they are all mixed up and I’m not sure how the website is deciding the order of the products.

Thank you!


Hi Kara. Products should be sorted alphabetically unless you have done a search, in which case they’ll be sorted based on which products we think best match your search.

Your question actually led to us having another look at this, and it turns out that there was a situation in which they were not showing in alphabetical order when they should have been. We’ve patched this now and so if the order didn’t make any sense to you, then you were probably in the situation that we’ve just fixed. If the order still seems wrong, please let us know :+1:

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